Since a while i had a lot of netflix issues running unbound as hyperlocal DNS server from my Telekom NATIVE IPv6 connection. After a LOT of research i was finally able to figure out whats the problem:

Missing ECS support… Yes its that simple I had the same Problem with using Cloudflare DNS ( but no Problems using my ISP DNS OR google DNS. And thats because of multiple Reaons, mainly because of how CDN Providers, determine where you are located.

Some more research and some luck i figured out ECS support module is build for my version shipped by Debian testing.

And thats the way to enable ECS support:

    module-config: "subnetcache validator iterator"
    #ECS Support
    client-subnet-zone: "."
    client-subnet-always-forward: yes
    send-client-subnet: ::0/64

Finally iam able to wach netflix with ipv6 + hyperlocal